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Achieving #NoPoverty takes a Whole Village!  A Whole Village requires an attitude of community and not chaos.  And, it takes whole people to see that nothing is impossible.  As we know, Cheerful Giving is often dependent on one's economic reality.

In 2030


Generation A will be age 18-24.  Begin NOW to identify a “Whole Village” of 20 caring adults and your written goals.  Start saving a minimum of $5.00 per week from allowances, birthdays, gifts, etc.  You can be banked within 30-days. By 2030, you will have saved a minimum of $2,600 PLUS INTEREST in an emergency savings account. Each year increase your savings. ​  

Generation Z will be age 25-33.  Generation Z should include at least 100 YouthUSA economic beneficiaries earning at least $50,000 annually.  The 100 should be working with at least 1000 caring adult stakeholders in a global vision to end poverty.  If you bank a minimum of $25.00 per week, by 2030, you will have saved $13,000.00 in your emergency savings account.  Each year increase your savings. 

Millennials will be age 34-49.  By age 49, your retirement investments should be secure, on track for your future and no debt except maybe a mortgage.  This group should include trained, trustworthy trustees of Living Trusts established to sustain engagement in a global vision to end poverty.

Generation X will be age 50-65. This generation should include at least 100 YouthUSA investors with a retirement savings of $1,300,000 or more and zero (0) debt.  That means no mortgage when you retire.  They teach others how to save, live within their means, debt free and invest in social enterprises. YouthUSA Money-n-the-Bank   


Baby Boomers will be age 66-84. This group includes 100 trustors in Living Trusts collectively valued at $100 million. The wisdom of this generation should be transferred to younger generations so that #NoPoverty is a reality in 2030.

GrandMentors' Trust

Silent Generation will be age 85-102.  This group includes   seniors reinvesting value and values in 100 Living Trusts collectively valued at $100 million.  The Evelyn Walker Armstrong Charitable Remainder Trust


Greatest Generation will be 103 or older.  This generation should include endowed trusts established to achieve Economic Inclusion.

The J.D. and Laurena Walker Fund.

Any low income American (age 7-24) can qualify for #EconomicInclusion by completing an application to THE ANNUAL YOUTH ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS.  


On April 25thYouthUSA will announce 2020 winners at our Quarterly Team Meeting. 


Over the next 12 months, we're calling on a few good friends to help us help some low-income neighbors become less poor.   


Recognizing that government may not resolve economic threats where we live, learn, work and or worship, YouthUSA stepped up to a challenge by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) for support in achieving Economic Inclusion.  We hope you will join us in achieving #ENVISION2030.

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