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17 Sustainable Development Goals

In 2018, YouthUSA aligned its vision of the future within a global vision for the world. The United Nations promotes17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development as a common vision for engaging all people as equals.  

Global Goals Color-- Goalkeepers


Recognizing that no one person, organization or even one nation can meet all 17 SDGs, YouthUSA committed its corporate capacity to achieve SDG Number 1, #NoPoverty. We believe that children in low income families can grow up less poor by becoming beneficiaries of #EconomicInclusion. Eligibility for our flagship capacity building program, THE ANNUAL YOUTH ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS, is open to ANY person age 7-24.  ANNUAL DEADLINE IS APRIL 15th.


Your written goals are the foundation for building trust.  Money-n-the-Bank values the applicant's vision of his or her own future in 7 areas of holistic human development.

  • Spiritual

  • Physical

  • Social

  • Financial

  • Educational

  • Professional

  • Recreational

YouthUSA Generations

In 2030, Generation A will be age 5 to 20.   At some point, living generations will recognize the endless possibilities for the "Alpha and the Omega."

#NoPoverty2030 is a SMART GOAL if TIME and MONEY is committed to sustaining the people who will reach the goal.  Our 10-year approach qualifies 100 "winners" from Generation A for #EconomicInclusion in a Living Trust through a single charitable beneficiary.

SMART Financial Goals.PNG
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