Contract Positions


By submitting an Access Request and/or online proposal, I acknowledge that I have read and signed the YouthUSA Non Disclosure Agreement as a condition for receiving access to the FULL PROPRIETARY REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS.  In signing this NDA, I acknowledge that YouthUSA is entrusting me with access to its intellectual properties.  I will ensure that this property is respected and protected to the best of my ability.

Youth Achievers USA Institute (YouthUSA), a national non-profit corporation, is currently accepting proposals to manage its charitable programs.  Existing programs were developed and submitted in the organization’s application for 501c3 public charity status.  To achieve its charitable mission via its corporate web assets, YouthUSA has determined a need for professional management consulting services.  The proposed business relationship must improve outcomes on behalf of low income youth while attracting increased charitable revenue to meet current and future needs.


The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals from various candidate organizations, institutions, agencies and enterprises to engage low to moderate income community entrepreneurs in sustainable small business operations.


TheEnterpriZe is one of four programs of YouthUSA.  The small business brand was established in 1998.  Currently, this social enterprise is focused on project management consulting and the implementation of best practices and solutions.  Our client base consists of economic beneficiaries qualified through YouthUSA’s proprietary capacity building program, THE ANNUAL YOUTH ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS.  Development and activation of a joint venture federal contracting firm identifies business ownership opportunities for YouthUSA beneficiaries, caring adult stakeholders and affiliated entrepreneurs.


The joint venture consulting team will receive training and technical assistance in Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365 and Skype For Business collaboration software.  These incentives provide a cost-effective value to a required $12-per month subscription to The Conference Center.  YouthUSA is a virtual corporation established on 9-11-2006 and sustained via the Internet. 


Sub-Contractor Services include:

  • Banking, Investments and Asset Management

  • Trust Management

  • Project and Program Management and Training (all phases)

  • Writing and Editing (Technical and Creative)

  • Graphics Design

  • Video Production (all phases)

  • Interactive Learning

  • Website Development and Management

  • Conference and Event Management

  • Business Process Improvement

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping

Contract Positions